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  • Outstanding service and work, i needed some urgent work done and this person did it straight away no mucking around, could count on him and trusted him with my files, will recommend to all, excellent person from USA. -Hawks50
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  • Fast worker, understood what I wanted, hire Marvelhawk with confidence as he will get you the results you want and not waste your time --Cynthia
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  • Marvelhawk was very professional and very easy to work with, he did the work perfectly within budget and on schedule. I will definitely hire him again for my future online work. And I will recommend every one to use his services, you will not be disappointed.-YanivYaakov
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About MarvelHawk

24 years on the global market. I've worked since 1996. After a two decades of working with clients, internationals and projects all shapes and scopes, you can expect to have a finely tuned specification developed by experience with the flexibility for the changes in your business as well as keep everyone apprised of the details.

Marvel Hawk History 1

In 1996 started HTML coding in High School. Google was not even a name, let alone a browser, an operating system, and a web application platform. Very few features in the early web, Java applets and Flash were the cutting-edge technology of the day. The above was the website that started it all under my name. In 1998 I was asked if I was interested in working for the Oregon Public Education Network innovating a piece of technology that would showcase what the Internet could do for education. I gladly accepted the invitation.

Math Man

Mathman was that innovation. This tiny image is all I can find of that website called MathMan. A tutorial website on Mathematics and also a few strategy games built as of course Java Applets! This particular website earned me a scholarship out of high school and my Computer Science destiny was set.

While attending college in 2000 I took on volunteer work as I didn't have time to fully devote to developing for an another company. I was working for LSI Logic as 40+hours a week, going to college full time, and volunteering. During my spare time I managed to learn Flash and web design. I develop Flash intros for who helps children with AIDs. I helped Life Line Peer Support build a CRM and phone call-in database for at risk and suicidal teens, and I also took care of a local dog shelter's web presence.

Even with that work load in 2002 I managed to graduate with a degree and honors.

Marvel Hawk History 2

After doing my studies I went into Yield Data Systems as an engineer for LSI Logic during which during my tenure I was awarded the company's high honor Bravo award and earned the company two patents for software I built ; ARPS which is Automated for Reporting Passdown Systems and a process I developed for pad conditioning for APEC Chemical-Mechanical Planerizers.

Marvel Hawk History 3

Starting in 2007, I developed a tutorial website and blog under the name Hawk Enterprises. I continued to create websites for clients as well as build my own network of websites. Despite working in the cutting edge of industry for LSI Logic, folks of the older generation were still calling the internet a 'fad'. Certainly hilarious today, but the juxtaposition during that era made talking to anyone outside the industry difficult at best. Thankfully business minded folks saw the future of innovation. This is where I got to add the big names of Nike, Intel, and Hewlett Packard to my list of clients.

Marvel Hawk History 4

2011, After a decade of work consolidation under a different name with a small footprint was ideal. Hence GRX3 was started. Working my client base and building on more on the development side rather than focusing on design. Game development, building and marketing actual web applications and still blogging and building out the network of sites. This is also when we branched out globally approaching clients through what now are readily available freelance/gig type sites. I now had access to clients in countries that years ago couldn't of even thought of reaching. Building realty shops for Bulgarians, Process Ecommerce for Indonesians, Design shops in Israel. Truly made the world closer to my fingertips and felt more connected.

2012, The world was suppose to end, or so said the Mayan Calendar. We instead double downed on the internet, banking over 100 domains that year. Domain harvesting was in, building micro-sites were the thing, and trying to turn money via ad revenue through Google and Yahoo. Still then as is today content is king. Many strategies were involved in getting that much sought after title of authority in niche keyword markets, certainly some more nefarious than others. I developed a small ad network and started getting revenue from Google.

2014, After two decades of design, developing, and marketing, it was time to take a break. GRX3 became the brand for a Minecraft network. Devoting all my resources, effort, and abilities in just a few short months we went from a tiny little server to #1 Minecraft Network in many categories. Lots of games, custom modifications, servers, staff, and data.

Shortly after 2015 GRX3 Minecraft Network went away, and I took a break entirely from anything technological. During this time practiced my traditional art skills, took long walks, and just did my best to live free of computers, phones, and anything doing with technology.

After two years, unplugged, it was time to get back to what I did best. In 2017 MarvelHawk is started. Entirely unknown about it's Marvel Comic book competitor, we soon gained rank against Hawk eye. Marvel Hawk is and was going to be our web design and development business front end. It was long until we had clients again.

2018 Marvel Hawk is under way, it's time to bring back up my side hobby, Minecraft. Marvel Hawk lends itself once again to GRX3 under the Minecraft title and work begins on bringing that back. Developing PHP based daemons that work for all of Mojang's Minecraft and delivering to the community another way to manage their servers.

2019 Started working with ComScore as a Data Associate. Shortly after was internally promoted to other duties under the same title, and in under a year was promoted to Lead of International. As Lead of International I also started to develop software to track phone calls, error tracking and analysis, data reporting, as well as document control.

2020 Still working with ComScore, MarvelHawk takes on other clients as well. Developing eCommerce, Wordpress, and many other pre-packaged software designs and templates. Focusing on the majority of custom development for comScore, and the open source community via GitHub with Minecraft projects.


Despite COVID business is still doing well for Marvelhawk with our primary client seeing more coding focus now than ever before. Shelter in place is great opportunity for business to build their rapport with the online community
Our Minecraft network is online and going strong. When you aren't working you should check it out, we will probably be working there :)
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